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Institute of Information and Communication Technologies

Department: "Linguistic Modelling and Knowledge Processing"

Current activities of the department are concentrated on research and development of context-aware models, methods and tools for representing and processing domain specific semantic information as well as novel architectures for semantically-enabled Web service oriented applications.

Analyzing large data sets (so-called Big Data) will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus. Current activities of the department are concentrated on the research on new machine learning and data mining methods for analyzing Big Data from different problem domains. It is expected to develop new methods for mining time series data and for classifying and clustering 2D and 3D visual data as well as textual and educational data that could be applied in such areas as Cultural Heritage preservation, eLearning and etc.

The Department has also long-term interests in the technological development of knowledge-based systems, machine learning and case-based reasoning methods and tools, distributed multimedia environments for education etc.

The Linguistic Modelling and Knowledge Processing department consists of:

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  • Ginka Ivanova

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